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April 7th, 2021

7 Apps to Keep Kids Motivated

Cute little children playing football outdoors

At Wonder Bunch Media, we are always on the lookout for apps and resources to make parenting in the digital age safer, easier, and a little more fun for the whole family. This month, we’ve spent some time researching and test driving apps to keep kids and families motivated and on task, and we found some real winners! Whether you’re hoping to encourage kids to make a move, keep children on a schedule, or encourage them to take part in household chores, we’ve found great apps to get the job done.

Yoga for Kids Daily Fitness

Free with optional in-app purchases on the App Store

Adults use yoga to become more mindful; integrate body, mind, and movement; and to stay healthy and strong. Yoga for Kids is an excellent way to introduce the practice to little bodies, and is fun for the whole family! With simple, introductory poses, your children will feel empowered and strong with every session. And if it encourages the rest of the family to strike a pose, then it’s a 100% win!

Chore Pad

$4.99 on Itunes

Chore Pad App gives your children a chance to work independently and stay organized! With parent-facing management and a child-facing tracking and reward system, you’re able to adjust your child’s goals and milestones and they’re able to stay motivated to get their work done, without any confusion or pressure. Many parents comment that the app is so helpful that they’ve found themselves creating chore lists for themselves on the app, even creating competitions within the family to earn the most stars! Any time chores can feel like fun, we’re sold! 

UnGlue (Kids and Parent)

Free on the App Store

We are all about setting screen time boundaries, and UnGlue helps make it happen! With UnGlue, you’re able to monitor your child’s screen time use, set time limits, and even assign chores for them to earn more minutes. Bank time from one day to the next, and turn off access when time is up. It can be helpful for children to visualize how much screen time they’re spending, and UnGlue’s intuitive interface makes it a breeze.

With trackers in the app like Steps4Time, your child can earn extra screen minutes by taking 3500 steps. Chores4Time allows you to pick a chore for them in exchange for a set amount of minutes, and the visual time bank shows them just how much they’ve spent, so there are no sad surprises when their access is up.

7 Minute Workout with Lazy Monster

$6.99 on the App Store

Some days we just don’t want to get up and get started. Lazy Monster understands, but your child could definitelyconvince this cute little monster to get up and give it a try! With just seven minutes, your little monster will help lazy monster through his workout, and can even customize a workout of their own. With fun moves and amusing graphics, seven minutes will fly by!

Forest – Stay Focused

$1.99 with optional in-app purchases

Could staying on task make the world a more beautiful place? It could, with Forest! In Forest, you’ll be encouraged to plant a tree within the app. As you work through your task, workout, or screen-free meal time, your tree grows stronger. Leave the app to scroll social media or fall off task before time is up, and your tree will wither. The more tasks you accomplish, the greener and more beautiful your forest will be.

Each tree in your forest represents 30 minutes of distraction-free work time, and earns you in-app points. Those points can be redeemed to plant real trees, and users have planted over one million so far! This app allows family sharing, and up to six members of the family can use the app on a single purchase.

Bear in Mind

$1.99 on the App Store

With Bear in Mind, you can set short and long-term goals that stay visible on your device’s home screen, allowing the whole family to stay on-task. You set the reminder tone of your choice, avoiding any irritating or jarring alerts. Accomplishing tasks should feel rewarding, not stressful or annoying. You have the option to set regular alarms for recurring tasks, and one-time reminders for individual assignments. One benefit of Bear in Mind is that it can be used while offline, allowing your family to access their tasks without the risk of wandering into online browsing!


Free on the App Store

Habitica doesn’t just let your family track your schedule, but helps them understand and manage habits and goals with its easy-to-use interface. Customize your avatar and gamify your family’s least-favorite tasks, from school work to working out. Check off items and earn rewards, which can be exchanged in-game for a more customizable experience, or in the real world for privileges like screen time allowance or a later bed time.  We love any app that helps keep us on task! And apps that don’t encourage mindless scrolling or endless access are always a parent’s ally. If you have apps that you love to get your family organized, motivated, and living in the real world, let us know! We are always looking for more resources to make the online world a more helpful, safe place for our families!