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Finn's Day in the City - Chase Finn's hat on an adventure through the growing Wonder Bunch city.

Finn's Day in the City – A Learning Game About the Big City

Finn's Day in the City

Finn's Day in the City is a high-quality Wonder Bunch storybook app that introduces kids to what life is like in the big city. Follow Finn's hat on a big adventure as it blows its way through the Wonder Bunch City! You'll learn what makes a city so busy from morning to night as we move from one place to the next on different types of transportation. It will be so fun!

With this book, your child will learn about aspects of life in the big city -- from the park downtown to the top of a skyscraper. They will learn about the many types of transportation you can take in a city including trains, bikes, taxis, and more. There is so much to see in the Wonder Bunch City!

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Finn's Day in the City

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