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Inspired by the wonder of nature.
Created by parents who care.
We make learning apps and videos that are fun!

At Wonder Bunch, we’re creating high-quality learning content for kids. With Wonder Bunch apps, your child will walk away from screen time feeling smarter, more confident — and calm. It is our ultimate goal to get every child who plays our apps and engages in the Wonder Bunch World to set down their device, go outside and revel in the wonder of nature.

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What They Say

This is the coolest thing ever for our kids!" -Nick

"This is different than any other app I've seen!" -Rose

"I love seeing a child like mine represented!" -Cheryl

"It's like looking at a book, on a screen!" - Pat

"My kids love this app!" -Liz

"My daughter can play it on her own - amazing!" -Megan

"This app is out of this world!" -Lauren

"Wonder Bunch has restored my faith in screentime!" -Joe

"Love the characters - so cute!" -Tara

"I know with these apps my kids are learning." -Chrissy

"My kids love the Wonder Bunch!" -Jenny

"My daughter loves the animals - they're so cute!" -Ali

"Wonder Bunch is so different and cool!" -Andy

"The music is so good!!" -Adam

"My kids always have big smiles after playing!" -Melissa

"I actually ENJOY the way this app sounds!" -Tom

"I love how my kids are wanting to go outside more!" -Colleen

"Even I like to play the Wonder Bunch apps!" -Kyle

"My son loves to learn with this app!" - Jessie


"I find myself sneaking away from the kids to play the game myself!" -Brandon

"This entire app is beautiful!" -Ashley

The Wonder Bunch World

Explore the first series of Wonder Bunch apps!

Learning Game Apps

Letter Meadow

Wander through Letter Meadow with the Wonder Bunch kids and learn the alphabet! First, we’ll work on recognizing and tracing letters through lots of fun games. Then we’ll put those letters together to make sight words. We’ll have so much fun together learning our ABCs in Letter Meadow!

Letter Meadow
Number Island

Come ashore on Number Island and learn to count and write numbers. Join the Wonder Bunch kids and watch sea turtles make their way to the ocean, and then look up and count the coconuts in the trees. This island has so much to explore!

Art Camp

Express your creativity at Wonder Bunch Art Camp! Learn to draw the Wonder Bunch kids and color in images from the Wonder Bunch world. As you step inside each cabin, you'll find pages and pages of artwork to color and draw over and over again. Creativity will blossom at Art Camp!

Coming Soon!

Pollination Station

Stop by Pollination Station with the Wonder Bunch kids and learn just how important bees are to our world. These little flying workers touch our lives in so many ways, especially the plants all around our world! We’ll take a closer look at plant life and what it takes for them to grow and thrive. At Pollination Station, you’ll be abuzz with excitement learning just how much bees and plants do!

Coming Soon!

Pollination Station
Peaceful Forest

Hike through Peaceful Forest with the Wonder Bunch kids and discover a whole world of ways to feel calm and confident. As we move through the trees, we will find new ways to breathe and feel more in control of our bodies and minds. We'll also learn how to sit and stretch in new ways to help us feel centered. With the Wonder Bunch, you'll be on the path to feeling peaceful in no time!

Coming Soon!

Weather Mountain

Climb up Weather Mountain with the Wonder Bunch kids and learn all about weather. We'll learn how the wind, rain, and sunshine affect the world around us. Then we'll find out how all of these things can be used to make electricity and help us conserve our natural resources. On top of Weather Mountain, we'll surely see the weather in new ways!

Coming Soon!

Storybook Apps

Molly's Plane Take Flight

Follow Molly's paper airplane as it flies around town finding different helpers all around. You'll meet firefighters, teachers, and doctors – just to name a few! We'll learn about how all of these helpers make our lives better. And we'll be sure to say thank you to them all!

Molly's Plane Take Flight
Finn's Day in the City

Follow Finn's hat on a big adventure as it blows its way through the Wonder Bunch City! You'll learn what makes a city so busy from morning to night as we move from one place to the next on different types of transportation. It will be so fun!

Coming Soon!

Finn's Day in the City
Ruby's Weather Report

Watch a little white feather outside Ruby's window and experience the four seasons: spring, summer, fall, and winter. You'll learn all about the different types of weather and how temperature, wind, precipitation, and more affect our daily lives.

Coming Soon!

Ruby's Weather Report
Leo Learns About Recycling

Follow Leo's juice bottle on a long journey as we learn about reducing, reusing, and recycling! You'll see how many different things one item can become and learn creative ways you can reuse everyday items before you recycle them.

Coming Soon!

Leo Learns About Recycling

Our Kids Deserve Quality

We talked with educators and fellow parents about what they want in children's apps.

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Looking for extra fun resources for parents and kids? In addition to apps, the Wonder Bunch world is full of quality activities, videos, and music too. We can't wait to share it all with you!

Our Founders

“We are striving to create a product parents can trust - and feel good about giving to their children.”

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