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Pollination Station - A Wonder Bunch Science Game about Plants and Bees

Pollination Station – A Photosynthesis and Pollination Game for Kids

Pollination Station

Pollination Station is a high-quality photosynthesis and pollination game for kids from Wonder Bunch Media. Stop by Pollination Station with the Wonder Bunch kids and learn just how important bees are to our world. These little flying workers touch our lives in so many ways, especially the plants all around our world! We'll take a closer look at plant life and what it takes for them to grow and thrive. At Pollination Station, you'll be abuzz with excitement learning just how much bees and plants do!

In Pollination Station, your child will learn all about the different elements of photosynthesis and pollination cycles. The information is presented to children in a way that they can understand through a simple diagram. Then, each process is put into action immediately with gameplay that details each part of the cycle. Your child will also become a part of the Wonder Bunch Bee Keeping Club and help the Wonder Bunch kids harvest honey! There is so much to learn in Pollination Station -come join us and see!

Features & Benefits:

  • Learn photosynthesis
  • Learn how pollination cycles work
  • Learn how to harvest honey

Your child will learn all about photosynthesis and pollination cycles with the Wonder Bunch!

Coming soon on the

Wonder Bunch Pollination Station

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