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December 18th, 2020

App Experts Weigh In

Wonder Bunch's App Experts Weigh In

We know we say this often, but we are not app experts by any stretch of the imagination! We are just parents who wanted better, and who are learning more every day. We rely heavily on those who are much more experienced in this world to help guide us and the content we are creating for children. We don’t know where we would be without our team of experts answering our countless questions! That got us thinking. If there were other parents out there who also wanted better apps for their kids, there were definitely other parents looking for a team of experts of their own! This week, we wanted to tell you a little more about how we found our best advice when it comes to kids’ apps.

Common Sense Media

Common Sense Media is a non-profit organization passionate about connecting parents and educators with safe, appropriate content. The team at Common Sense is driven not only to shine a light on healthy content, but to bring attention and make strides to reverse the harm that technology can cause in our lives and the world around us.

Common Sense doesn’t advertise apps, games, or movies, choosing instead to curate lists of what’s appropriate. Each media on the page is given an honest and helpful review, giving parents insight into accessibility, language, helpfulness, and true-cost of each app. We love Common Sense because it lives up to its name. The no-nonsense assessment of games, apps, and movies has helped us make better decisions as parents and as app developers, and takes so much guesswork out of maintaining your child’s tech.

Ask a Teacher

Your family’s favorite educator didn’t earn all of those degrees just to sit on their knowledge of how kids learn. They’re dying to share it with anyone who will listen! And do you know who they wish would ask them questions more often? Parents. They love to share what they know about how your child is doing, what they’re learning, and what they could use supplementation on. If you’re curious what apps might be beneficial to your child, asking their teacher is a great place to start!

Teachers appreciate this feedback, even if they don’t have an answer immediately. Including them in the fads and viral sensations that are being targeted at their classroom gives them more insight into their students’ interests and state of mind. We can’t see any downside to working more closely with our children’s educators, and it has been an honor to include ours in the development of our Wonder Bunch World! Our children’s teacher has shared her favorite apps with us, and even weighed in on our work to ensure that we were doing the most good for our little ones, and for yours!


Our friends over at AppAdvice have been working hard to maintain well-curated lists on every subject their readers care about! That means that whether you’re looking for apps about parenting, healthy nutritious recipes, or communication apps for your family, AppAdvice has you covered! We had so much fun working with this team, and we were so impressed with the work they’ve put into sampling and reviewing apps from all around the world. You’ll find honest assessments written by someone who has personally downloaded and explored each app. None of the lists on the site are automated, and AppAdvice doesn’t accept sponsored deals with app companies to promote them. That means a positive review cannot be bought. We are so grateful for the hard work and integrity AppAdvice puts into helping families sort through the countless apps targeting kids and teens!

Parenting Support Groups

Joining specific-to-you groups on social media can not only help you pinpoint apps and games that other parents have found success with, but help you connect with like-minded families. Look for groups supporting first time parents, progressive or conservative parenting groups, home or unschooling groups, military support, or support for neurodiverse families. Use the search function to find what parents are saying about apps you’re curious about, or start a thread of your own. You will be amazed at the feedback you’ll get, and you’ll start a conversation that can help other parents who simply didn’t know what to ask.

When we first decided to build Wonder Bunch Media, it was because we knew that something needed to change. Connecting with other parents gave us the language and insight we needed to build a world that we could all grow into together! We would never have been successful without the help of parents just like you, offering us feedback and communicating on behalf of their children. In a world that can often feel very divided, we have common ground in wanting only the very best for our children. We couldn’t be more thankful for the families we have been able to connect with thanks to Wonder Bunch, and we hope you are able to find your village, too!

Thank you for being part of our Wonder Bunch World! If you have any additional insights or questions for us, start a conversation with us on Facebook or on our Instagram.

We can’t wait to hear from you!

Meghan and Alex