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July 28th, 2021

Eight Educational Apps to Curb Learning Loss

With the amount of emphasis that has always been put on education, the last year and a half has really put parents and teachers in a position to reevaluate how that education is approached. We have found ways to distance learn, struggled to make education fun without the joy of spending time with the classmates and teachers our kids have grown to love, and found ways to teach while working, cleaning, and surviving a really tricky year. No matter how you and your little learners have made it work for you, that adaptability and resilience is going to serve us all for generations! We are so grateful to have made it to this point with you.

Whether you’re preparing your kids for heading back to in-person classes this fall, interested in supplementing a home learning curriculum, or just looking for fun educational games for your kids to play, Wonder Bunch has put together just the list for you!

Our Pick For: All-Ages Education

Khan Academy offers an easy-to-use curriculum for kids of all ages, from preschool to high school. The app and website are absolutely free to use, and sessions can be tailored to be as time-intensive as you need. Each video tutorial lasts only a few minutes, and most quizzes can be completed in about five. Lessons are well organized, allowing you to focus on one topic per subject at a time. Your child has free access to easy-to-understand video lessons before practicing each skill. Each lesson is followed by a quiz before you find a mastery test at the end of each section.

Our Pick For: PE Class

GoNoodle offers children a break from the books, while still fostering a productive learning experience. Get interactive and learn a dance with characters from their favorite movies, have a stretch, or play a game of tag together! Schools have been using GoNoodle as a station activity for years, and as your child wiggles out their verbs, you’ll see exactly why.

Our Picks For: Preparing for Kindergarten

Call us biased, but we are especially proud of Wonder Bunch Media’s Preschool and Kindergarten-focused learning apps! Number Island offers children age-appropriate experience with math in a non-addictive, non-gamified environment. Kids can count, trace numbers, and learn numeric order on a beautifully rendered beach.

Letter Meadow offers children a safe place to practice recognizing letters, learn their phonics, and understand alphabetical order. Gentle melodies and a sensory-sensitive color palette ensure children aren’t over-stimulated or thrust into a world of sensory overload, while still offering a fun, beautiful world where they can learn at their own pace.

Our Pick For: Early Reading

Reading Eggs is the app homeschool parents swear by! While your child earns rewards for skill mastery, they are building their confidence in a fun, low-pressure environment and developing a lifelong love of reading! Try the free 30-day trial and see just how fast your child realizes their own learning potential. The games are all fully interactive, meaning your child will stay on task in assignments designed to educate in an entertaining way, rather than simply distract your child.

Our Pick For: Learning to Love Math

If numbers are still your child’s sticking place, give them a game to help them learn to love it! Prodigy Math Games are used in homes and schools across the US to help children develop a better understanding of arithmetic. Access exciting games and online tutoring and watch your child’s grasp of math blossom!

Our Pick For: Getting Better at Basically Anything!

Quizlet is more than a way to test or assess your child’s educational standing, it’s a tool for learning, studying, and truly understanding any topic! Quizlet offers a very unique learning environment, where students aren’t just memorizing facts, but truly learning how to learn! The free learning tools offer constant guidance in the beginning, slowly tapering off as your child builds their mastery of each skill. Pretests, quizzes, and tests give them space to understand just how much they’ve learned, and 92% of users report increased grades across the board!

Our Pick For: College Prep and High Achieving High Schoolers (Or a Reluctant Home Schooling Parent)

Edex is an amazing opportunity for your high schooler (or yourself!) to explore a potential learning path, and to begin to develop an interest in a long-term career field. Choose from subjects like Computer Science, Language, Data Science, Business & Management, Engineering, Humanities, and The Arts to build your own home curriculum. Does your budding chef want to take a course on food safety, restaurant management, or nutrition? Sign up for a free course taught by real professors from home. A paid option allows you unlimited access to each course, while the free sessions must be taken before the course ends. Each course gives you between six and eight weeks to learn at your own pace before expiring.

Are you yourself a little on edge about home schooling or helping a high schooler catch up? Take one of Edex’s online education courses, a math refresher, or philosophy class before school is back in session! You’ll be able to help your high schooler through any subject they may be nervous about, or just help them study for a test with confidence!

Learning loss may be weighing heavily on a lot of parent’s minds as we approach a new school year, but the things families learned this year will only be taught in books because we are managing to learn them together right now. We hope your family is having a fun summer, and that with some of these resources, you’re all feeling a little more prepared for the exciting school year to come!