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November 11th, 2020

Getting Outside and Staying Healthy & Happy

Healthy at Home with the Wonder Bunch

As the temperature plummets, you are probably reminded now more than ever how hard it is for your little ones to feel cooped up inside. You may notice that your children start to feel lethargic, start bickering more often, and have a much harder time focusing as winter sets in.

Children need fresh air, sunshine, and activity. So. Much. Activity! In fact, *The American Academy of Pediatrics suggests between one and three hours of vigorous exercise every day for optimal health.

So what are families to do as pandemic fatigue meets the winter blues? Wonder Bunch Media has a few ideas for you!

Start the Day on a High Note

For many families, morning is a time for getting organized. Children turn on an episode of their favorite show while parents dress for work, pack lunches, create schedules, and get everyone ready for the day. But what if there was a slightly better way? Instead of letting the TV be the first sound every morning, why not start the day with a dance party? Music can set the mood for an excellent morning, and early morning movement has been shown to improve your energy and outlook for the entire day!

Create a fun playlist the whole family loves and dance like nobody’s watching! Making sandwiches and packing up sports gear is less of a chore when your favorite song is bumping in the background, and brushing teeth while busting a move keeps cavities and the blues at bay. You’ll find your whole family perks up faster than your coffee does!

Dress for Success

There’s no such thing as bad weather, as long as you’re prepared!

Dressing in layers is the best way to ensure that your child is able to comfortably enjoy their outdoor time. Be sure that the biggest layers (winter coats) are removed before buckling into car seats, and keep an extra pair of dry socks for every member of the family in the glove box. Nothing puts a damper on a fun day like cold, damp feet.

And as long as your family is dressed for the occasion, nothing should stop your daily walk! Stroll your neighborhood and try to spot who’s getting into the Christmas spirit. The lights and sights of winter are reason enough to hoof it for twenty minutes a day. And if a snowball fight happens, you’ll find it easy as pie to get your little popsicles to agree to bath time the minute you get home!

A Real Class Act

While drama, ballet, and show choir classes may be cancelled, that doesn’t mean that the show can’t go on. Continue to foster your child’s creativity by utilizing choreography tutorials (many are available on YouTube or Outschool) or signing up for online lessons.

You can find exercise classes, dance routines, and yoga classes streaming free online, as well as whole fitness channels available from your cable or streaming movie provider. Netflix, Amazon, and OnDemand offer some of the world’s most famous names in fitness teaching right in your living room!

Mission: Possible!

The next time you find yourself wandering the dollar store, stock up on streamers. Tape a twisting, turning, tricky “laser maze” using the streamers all the way down the hall. First one to make it all the way down the hall without breaking a streamer wins! Your child will improve their focus, balance, coordination, muscle control, and motor skills — and they will very likely giggle for a solid thirty minutes while they do their best super spy impression!

Bubble Ninja

Too cold to go out and play? Take the workout inside with nothing more than a bottle of bubbles! Take turns blowing bubbles while the other person karate chops, ninja kicks, and hi-yas as many bubbles as possible. Turn ends when a bubble hits the ground unpopped!

For very small children, or those with mobility differences, arm them with a badminton racquet for maximum bubble destruction.

This exercise is great for movement, hand-eye coordination, fine motor skills, balance, and for recording to watch later when you need another giggle!

Jenga Workout

Start by writing a task on each block of a game of Jenga. Get creative! One might say “Run a circle around the house balancing a book on your head” and another might read “10 jumping jacks.” One could say “10 second dance party in Dad’s shoes” and another “10 second plank balancing a bowl of fruit.”

Taking turns playing a standard game of Jenga, your whole family will find themselves thinking extra hard about which blocks they are ready to move. Each brick you pull, you must perform the task written on it before the game can continue. Be careful of jumping jacks too close to the game though, or you’ll all be starting over before you know it!

The Floor Is Lava!

So many games we loved as children were high-intensity workouts and we didn’t even know it! The day after a few rounds of Twister, charades, or the floor is lava and you’ll feel it in every muscle. Most notably in your abs and cheeks from a full day of laughing with your little ones.

Be sure to start and end each day with a few good stretches and by acknowledging your child’s hard work. They are doing their very best right now, and we know you are, too! We are all so grateful for the hard work families are putting into staying healthy this season. We’re glad to be on your winning team!

Meghan and Alex