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June 9th, 2021

Naturally Curious: Apps for Exploring Nature

Wonder Bunch may live on your child’s device, but our goal is to get them to put us down and look around, exploring the real world all around them! This week we wanted to bring some attention to other apps that have similar goals in mind. You may need a device to use them, but you’ll need your hands, eyes, ears, noses, and curiosity to make them work!

Picture Insect

Do you know what bugs us? Well now you can! If it’s a creepy crawly little critter, your little ones are probably fascinated by it. With Picture Insect your family can learn more with just the snap of a picture! The free version features frequent pop-ups, and a $30 yearly subscription promises a no-ads experience. The same developer also offers Picture Animal, Picture Fish and Picture Bird, which will turn your little explorers into nature pros!


Different from the other apps on our list, iNaturalist uses community and communication to help nature enthusiasts connect and correctly identify nature’s treasures! Snap and upload your photos and start a conversation with other nature lovers instantly! There are currently more than four million people using the app, and those users have identified more than 335,000 species of life. Those millions of conversations are doing more than answering questions. They are stoking curiosity and creating explorers across the globe!

We never recommend apps with social functions for young children, but with parental guidance this can be an excellent tool to teach your children about asking great questions, communicating effectively, and engaging in real-time learning outside of the classroom!


This one is a relatively new app, but one we are so excited about! Currently being developed by researchers from Columbia University, the University of Maryland, and the Smithsonian Institute, Leafsnap promises to become one of the most scientifically accurate field guides available in time. Current information focuses mainly on the northeast United States and Canada, but with more users, the information will continue to grow. Using this app means you aren’t just learning, but learning together, and bringing even more of the world to these researchers and the important work they are trying to do. The app is free, with an option to subscribe to remove ads.


Geology rocks, and Rockd app will make an earth scientist out of your child! Access geological maps, identify stones and minerals near you, and record your findings in this wildly informative app. Children will need help at least during your first few explorations, but will quickly become addicted to the process. You can explore existing maps and other user’s findings on the Explore page before you ever set off for your first adventure!

The Earth by TinyBop

There are a million reasons your family might not be able to get outside and get dirty this summer. Whether the weather is keeping you indoors, or if mobility or medical fragility is the culprit, every child should have a chance to explore! Check out The Earth by TinyBop! In this fun and beautifully illustrated STEM app children will learn about the forces that built our earth, from the crust to the volcanos and earthquakes that shaped the land where we stand.

There is such a great big beautiful world outside to adventure and explore, and we are looking forward to bringing families more apps and resources to make that exploration as safe, fun, and educational as possible! Thank you for trusting Wonder Bunch Media, and letting us be part of your child’s education team!