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October 27th, 2021

Our Favorite Fidgets

All little bodies are packed with energy, and they’re supposed to be! But convincing your precious little verb to sit still during spelling might be a pretty big ask. This gets even trickier for children with ADHD, autism, and sensory processing struggles. Whether a child is inattentive, hyperactive, or simply a wiggly little being, we’ve found some of the best fidget toys that can help them focus without becoming a distraction!

Infinity Cube

The recently released Shashibo Cube is a fun upgrade from the standard Infinity Box. With more than 70 possible configurations, the magnet-powered shape shifter is a challenging puzzle box when used intentionally, and a safe fidget when used by busy anxious hands.

Monkey Noodles

Endlessly stretching, wiggling, and most importantly, non-toxic bands your kids can stretch to their hearts content!

Dodecagon Fidget Clicker

This 12-sided cube employs a clicker, rolling ball, several buttons, a sensory face, a joystick, and more to create a sensory experience kids can keep in their pocket!

Popping Fidget Spinner

The standard fidget spinner became a craze overnight, while bubble popping has been a go-to stress relief for kids and parents alike since bubble wrap’s birth. The two are combined in this perfect fidget, which lets users spin, twist, and pop themselves into a more soothed state in minutes!

Thinking Putty

Probably not a great in-class solution, but a homework helper for sure! Keeping a jar of thinking putty at your child’s homework desk gives them a space to rip, tear, stretch, and squeeze their frustration or anxiety out in a safe, if possibly messy way.

Magnetic Rings

Be sure to check on sizes before you make this purchase, but once you do you might find yourself buying a set of your own! The only sound is a gentle clicking noise, which is significantly less distracting than any number of things you or your child might reach for to busy fidgeting fingers. Users enjoy flipping, twisting, and doing tricks with these three pocket-sized magnetic rings.

Our Number One Favorite

Our favorite fidget can’t be bought on Amazon, kept in your pocket, or wrapped with a bow. Getting outside every day is the most helpful way to spend that anxious energy! As the temperatures drop, kids might find fewer opportunities to get out in nature, and that can lead to an increase in hyperactivity and inattentiveness. You can buy an under-the-desk peddler to help, but an hour on the treadmill doesn’t do the same amount of good as ten minutes out in the sunshine and fresh air. Bundle up and take a walk, climb a tree, and get just a little bit messy, every day!

Did we miss your favorite fidget? We’d love to know! Leave us a comment or email us at Hello@WonderBunch.Com so we can share your tips with other parents who love to know!