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January 30th, 2020

Helping Our Friends Down Under

Like you, our family’s hearts are broken by the fires and complete devastation in Australia. Our world is so precious, as are all of the creatures we share it with. In our little family and at Wonder Bunch Media, we are committed to being a part of the efforts to help save, protect and heal the Australian wildlife and their homes. 

To honor the beauty and wonder of the animals of Australia, we created a new Wonder Bunch family of koalas, one of our daughters’ favorite animals, and even named the baby Dundee! You’ll see these koalas in the Wonder Bunch world and we hope they will always be a reminder to keep the people and animals of Australia in our minds and hearts. 

It is so important that we all do what we can do to support them as they face a long recovery. And we believe it is especially important that we show our children how each one of us can play a vital role in keeping our world beautiful and at peace. And it comes so naturally to children! I watched my daughters make handmade cards with such joy, as they hoped to bring a simple smile to an injured person (or animal!) in Australia.

In addition, we also made a gift to the World Wildlife Fund – Australia to help them with their efforts. WWF – Australia is an organization that specializes in caring for injured wildlife and restoring their homes. The road ahead is long, fires continue to burn and there is a lot of work to do. If you would like to donate to WWF Australia, please visit:

There are lots of other ways to support the people and animals of Australia. You could even ask your little ones for an idea…they are usually full of good ones!