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December 2nd, 2020

Parent-Approved Learning Apps for Children with ADHD

Parent-Approved Learning Apps for Children with ADHD

We tested out seven of the best apps for kids with ADHD, selecting them based on how responsive they are to children’s needs. Check out our list for the best games, learning tools, and more!

Getting the diagnosis was hard, but finding learning apps that support your child’s unique journey should be made easy! We’ve cut through some of the noise to bring you our seven favorite apps that support children with ADHD.

For parents of children with ADHD, the recent school closings, distance learning, and reduced opportunity for engaging activity has made the often-isolated world of parenting feel even smaller.

But what if there was an app for that?

Parents of kids with ADHD often struggle with finding the best apps for their children. Fortunately, there are some fantastic (and fun!) apps out there to help children with ADHD learn, grow, and thrive.

We tapped all of our resources to find and field test our list of parent-approved apps for kids with ADHD!

1. Math Ninja

Math can pose a significant challenge for families with ADHD, and to apps trying to cater to them. With the Math Ninja app, kids can practice skills like multiplication and division in a fun and appropriately stimulating way. The game is actually an exciting story, where your actions power up your hero to defeat a villain. Each correct answer makes your character that much stronger! Your villain is a bright red tomato, so even though the game is exciting, little ones won’t find anything to fear from their nemesis.

With its bright colors and simple plot, this game is rated for age nine and older, but geared towards a younger demographic. Your little one will be quickly engaged in their math preparedness battle, and everyone will come away feeling victorious!

2. Homey Chores and Allowance

Part of becoming a big kid is taking part in helping your household run smoothly! Children thrive on responsibility and have been shown to take better care of their homes, toys, and devices when they are assigned chores. And to provide an incentive, many parents offer their children an allowance for completing various tasks.

For children with ADHD, keeping track of their chore chart, allowances, and to-do list can quickly get out of hand. That’s where the Homey Chores and Allowance app really shines. This app syncs across various devices and helps everyone follow chores by the day, week, or month. And parents can even use the app to deposit money into a child’s bank account. Trust us — watching their money grow by the chore is a great incentive for staying on-task!

3. MindNode (Apple Only)

When you get right down to it, what is ADHD? It’s really just another way of thinking. While this way of thinking can give you an edge in certain circumstances, studies show that ADHD can make organizing a struggle. MindNode is an app that helps those with ADHD organize their thoughts via visual mapping.

The app helps children organize their thoughts in a visual manner that is easier to process and remember. And the uses for such an app are practically limitless! For example, children can use MindNode to plot out their next essay. Or they can track their own contributions to a major group project. After a time, children who use MindNode can find themselves feeling more organized and more productive.

4. Rooster Money

No matter what your little one wants to be, one of the most essential skills to learn is financial management. Unfortunately, this is a skill that kids may not learn in school. And those with ADHD may find it particularly challenging to master.

The Rooster Money app solves this by providing children with a “practice” bank account. They can keep track of things that add to this (such as an allowance or even change they find) and items that subtract from it (such as things they purchase).

Over time, this helps children see the effects of their saving and buying habits. And by cultivating good habits now, you can help a kid with ADHD prepare for a financially secure future.

5. Audible

Audible is arguably the most popular audiobooks app on the planet. And while it wasn’t designed specifically for children with ADHD, they can uniquely benefit from using the app each day.

That’s because those with ADHD often don’t do well simply sitting down and diving into a book. Many of these children are most at home when they are active and moving around.

With Audible, children with ADHD get all of the benefits of reading while still running and playing to their heart’s, mind’s, and body’s content. They’re going to learn more by the day and love every minute of it!

6. Stop, Breathe, and Think Kids (Apple Only)

Mindfulness activities can be very beneficial for anyone with ADHD! Unfortunately, it can also be more difficult to sit down long enough to reap those benefits.

With the Stop, Breathe, and Think Kids app, children have access to a wide variety of mindfulness activities. Even better, the guide helps children discover the best activity to use based on how they are feeling at the time.

While the game is designed for children aged five to 10, we won’t judge you when you find yourself following along! 

7. Wonder Bunch Apps

What’s better than a single app sensitive to the challenges kids with ADHD are facing? A whole series of apps designed to help all children learn and grow!

Wonder Bunch offers apps to help children learn reading, writing, and mathematics. Soon, we will even offer apps to help them learn about very specific topics, such as pollination!

In addition to our learning apps, our new Storybook Apps bring amazing, educational stories to life. And it doesn’t stop there — more awesome new apps for kids are just around the corner!

What’s Next?

We were happy to share our favorite apps to make living and learning a little more fun for your child! We are currently learning and working with our experts and educators on even more solutions to help children and their families, and are looking forward to sharing them with you soon.

We would love for you to share with us what we can do to help your child grow and succeed. If you have any ideas or questions, please contact us today!