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September 22nd, 2019

Welcome to Our Wonder Bunch World

Hello World!

I’m Meghan, and my husband Alex and I are beyond excited to share with you our new venture, Wonder Bunch Media, and its Wonder Bunch world app for preschoolers.

As the parents of four girls under the age of five, it’s extremely important for us to find ways for our children to interact with technology in an educational way that’s easy to access and makes us feel comfortable.

In our own research trying to find games and apps that are the right fit for our girls and their age group, we have found there are many more options for passive spectating than active learning. Not to mention obnoxious music, over-stimulating colors, heaps of set-up, and pricey upgrades. If we do find one that looks good, it will say it’s for ages 3-9. What 3 year old is able to understand how to navigate an app also made for fourth graders? If we allow them to be on YouTube, we feel the constant need to oversee the content to be sure they don’t end up somewhere that they shouldn’t.

There are so many parents out there who face this battle every day. We don’t want our kids to be screen zombies with free rein of the internet, but we also don’t want to alienate them from technology when it runs the very world we live in. Heck, we grew up on TVs, tablets are the same thing for the modern age, right?

And while there’s a whole universe of age-appropriate movies and TV shows for kids, app options are hard to find and quality apps seem so limited. That’s exactly why Alex and I created Wonder Bunch Media: to create entertaining, learning apps that you can trust. We know because we personally built every aspect of our company and our apps with our own four daughters in mind.

From the beginning, our dream was to create an educational and fun world that preschoolers can step into. The Wonder Bunch world is made up of beautiful, high-quality illustrations, animations and soothing music (thank goodness!), and also features diverse, interesting, relatable characters that guide the child through cognitively appropriate game play. And more than anything, it is an app that parents can trust.

Alex and I began researching and brainstorming the Wonder Bunch world in October of 2018, and by the start of 2019, we had put together an incredible team of designers, developers, creative agencies, and educators. All of our gameplay is overseen by our Learning Advisory Committee, which is made up of a mix of early childhood educators in private, public, and home school environments with combined teaching experience of over more than 85 years.

Our Wonder Bunch world is currently in development and will include Letter Meadow, Number Island, Pollination Station, Peaceful Forest and Weather Mountain. And that’s just the start! We’ve got plans for many more to come. It’s our hope that these games will Offer your kids a quality learning opportunity, while also fostering a love and appreciation for the great outdoors and the wonder of Planet Earth.

Our first game, Letter Meadow, is slated to be released in early of 2020. Please follow along as we share behind the scenes footage, development news, and start introducing you to the educational and creative aspects of the game.

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Thank you for believing in our Wonder Bunch world – it’s such an amazing place to explore!

Meghan and Alex