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October 6th, 2021

5 Apps for Meaningful Screentime

For those of you not familiar with our story, it’s an awful lot like yours! As parents, we were quickly learning just how helpful – or detrimental – our children’s screen time could be. We started researching and were shocked by some of the predatory practices many popular children’s apps exhibited. From hiring Vegas slot machine developers to create addictive features, to the addition of social functions leaving children unnecessarily exposed.

We were on a mission to find the safest apps that encouraged our children to learn and explore in the real world. By finding excellent education sources that were built with integrity, we knew we could empower our children to enjoy their education, and to continue learning off-app.

As you know, this led to us finding a team of experts in early education and world-class artists to help us create Wonder Bunch Media! We are so grateful for the connections we’ve made, and for the families who trust us to make their children’s first touch with tech a positive one.

This week, Wonder Bunch wanted to share with you our apps, and others we’ve found that we believe create a safe, inclusive, and enjoyable education for your preschooler. Did we miss your favorite? Let us know by leaving us a comment on our social media, or by emailing us at Hello@WonderBunch.Com

Letter Meadow

Our first reading app, Letter Meadow, will always hold a special place in our hearts. We worked so hard to create an app that allows children to explore in a peaceful online space without distracting noises or flashing lights. Instead, our sensory-sensitive learning environment allows children to understand letter formation, phonics, and alphabetical order in a zero-pressure adventure within the Wonder Bunch world. Each mini-game ends with a view of the night sky and by ensuring children have a clear bookend to set the game down and go explore in the real world.

Number Island

We are currently offering our unique math app, Number Island, completely free, and the reviews are blowing us away! We are so thrilled that parents and teachers are seeing a positive impact on the way their little learners are grasping number order, value, and the principles of counting in our peaceful Wonder Bunch island environment. Children love learning accompanied by gentle melodies, nature sounds, and our beautifully rendered Wonder Bunch characters Ruby, Leo, Molly, and Finn.

Montessori Nature Autumn Crafts

Perfect for fall, this sweet seasonal experience pairs the wonder of nature with the natural curiosity of preschoolers. We love that this app’s unique art design will encourage children to look around them and to find art in everything they do! Children will find their art supplies in the digital outdoors and create masterpieces out of leaves, acorns, sticks, and other natural materials. They can create custom picture frames, which can then be added to your real-life photos! A scrapbooking option is also available, and kids can watch their works come to life in a fun, safe environment.

Forest Pals

Forest Pals is a set of four apps, one for each season. The games were designed for in-classroom use by children aged 2-5, but are just as much fun at home! Children learn beside animal friends like a funny fox, a sweet squirrel, and a rascally rabbit while exploring the woods and the changes of each season. Families will enjoy the stories, music, and nine mini-games with unlockable levels that grow with your child. Our favorite feature? Your child’s artwork appears in-game once their works are completed!


If your preschooler or kindergartener is ready to take their ABCs a step further, Alphatots might be a step in the right direction! This action-packed game is on our list because of its use of action words to teach the alphabet. This one is a workout for their mind and body, and creates curiosity about just what else they can do with their ABCs! If your little verb is ready to get a move on, give this app some attention!

We are working hard behind the scenes to bring you even more options for your family’s growing children and their growing minds! Be sure to signup for our Newsletter to be the first to know when our latest apps are ready for their hungry hands!