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October 14th, 2020

Apps for Kids with Dyslexia

Apps for Kids with Dyslexia - Wonder Bunch

Wonder Bunch Media wants to support families on their journey to finding appropriate content for their children, no matter the need. This month, we’ve taken out some of the guess work and put together a list of the seven best apps for children with dyslexia.

When your child was first diagnosed with dyslexia, it probably felt lonely and frustrating. We understand the feeling, as do more than thirty million Americans. That’s right, dyslexia is one of the most commonly diagnosed neurological disorders in the world. So while you’re far from alone, it doesn’t mean you’re not frustrated.

To add to that chaos, your child’s attempts to find apps and games that support them are frequently met with a lot of noise and distraction, rather than education and comfort. We wanted to take just a little of the burden off of your family by filtering through some of the top apps suggested to us for families just like yours.

1. Dyslexia Quest

Beyond just being “suitable” for children with dyslexia, Dyslexia Quest was built specifically with them in mind. This app uncovers your child’s unique strengths using a series of quests to identify memory, processing speed, phonological awareness, and listening skills. It creates an engaging experience for children and it provides the kind of information that their parents really need.

With this information in hand, parents will get a better idea of their child’s specific strengths. And by fostering their particular strengths and helping children overcome weaknesses, the final result is a healthier and happier child.

Ultimately, this is one of our favorite titles. It’s not just educational–it’s fun!

*Parents should note that this title is only available on the App Store.

2. Crazy Cursive Letters

Some of the best apps for kids with dyslexia focus on a single skill area. For example, Crazy Cursive Letters is all about helping your child improve their handwriting. To do this, children must trace over letters and words on the screen. As they do, they are encouraged with sound effects, including sounding out individual letters. If your child gets off course with their tracing, arrows help to get them back on track. And this helps children master the lost art of cursive writing.

By itself, the app comes with 100 of the most commonly used words. But our favorite feature is that you can add your own words to the app. That way, your child can practice signing their own name, which will always be a valuable skill! 

3. Dyslexia Gold

Dyslexia Gold is focused entirely on reading skills. This app offers an entire suite of games designed to sharpen each of the skills needed to become a confident reader. It uses games to identify what specific skill a child may be struggling with, and then helps them strengthen that skill in a way that they are comfortable with and allows them to learn.

Some of us are auditory learners and some of us are visual learners. Engaging both visualization and important audio cues help this app make sure children learn to spell a variety of words and don’t skip around.

Dyslexia Gold is used in hundreds of schools because teachers have recognized how useful it can be.

*Parents should note that this app is not available on Android Devices.

4. Montessori Words

The Montessori educational method focuses on self-directed student learning. Its goal is letting children learn at their own pace and lean into their particular strengths. Therefore, Montessori-inspired apps are especially helpful for children with dyslexia.

Montessori Words, for instance, focuses on helping children master letter phonetics and entire words by offering an engaging and multisensory experience. The app speaks letters and words out loud, and students must drag letters into spaces to complete different words.

There are also plenty of pictures, and this comes in handy helping children link the written words to the actual objects. Children also get celebratory visual feedback (think glitter, hearts, and stars) when they successfully spell a word, turning each minor triumph into a major celebration.

Finally, you can adjust the keyboard layout and font style to suit your child’s exact needs. This lets every child enjoy a unique Montessori experience.

5. Learning Ally Audiobooks

As your child may have already shown you, auditory learning works well for many children with dyslexia. And that’s part of what makes the Learning Ally Audiobooks app so useful and relevant.

The app was originally designed with visually impaired and dyslexic children in mind, but all children can benefit from the lessons it shares! Inside the app, you’ll find access to more than 75,000 different audiobooks and other recorded material to help children learn.

With its focus on auditory experience, this app is a great way to help children develop a love of literature. And it also helps foster a love of audiobooks that may last for the rest of their lives!

6. Montessori Numbers

Earlier, we gushed over how the Montessori method can help children learn to read. And it turns out that the Montessori technique works well for teaching mathematical concepts as well.This app mainly focuses on addition, subtraction, place values, and decimals. It is designed to ease children into the mathematical experience with colorful and engaging exercise.

It’s no surprise that Montessori Numbers works very similarly to the Montessori Words app. It features similar activities where students can trace numbers and drag and drop them to answer questions. It’s also possible to completely tailor the app to your child’s specific needs and educational background. And with its wide array of animations and sound effects, this app is guaranteed to keep their attention for a good, long time!

*Parents should note that this title is only available on the App Store.

7. Wonder Bunch

What’s better than a single app sensitive to neurologically atypical children? An entire set of educational apps, of course!

Wonder Bunch Media offers a variety of apps to help children with a wide range of subjects. This includes reading, math, science, art and socialization.
On top of the learning apps, Wonder Bunch will soon launch a series of interactive storybook apps. These will help your child put their reading skills to the test with entertaining stories they will return to again and again.

The Wonder Bunch world of educational apps is growing by the day. And that’s the perfect way to foster lifelong learning for a growing child.

What’s Next?

We were happy to share our picks for the best apps for kids with dyslexia. But do you know we can take their learning experience to another level entirely?

We specialize in helping children master many subjects with a family of engaging and immersive apps. To see how we can help your own child learn, just contact us today!