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April 30th, 2021

Five Parenting Podcasts We Love

Through every stage of our parenting journey, we have relied on the words and encouragement of the parents who have gone before us. The 2am group chat while we were exhausted from late-night feeds, the midday meltdown message boards where we sought advice about reluctant nappers, and even now, when we rely on the input of parents like you to build and perfect apps for our children to experience together. 

Some of our most trusted allies are the parenting blogs and podcasts that helped us feel just a little more connected to a village during those trying phases of early parenthood. We can only see ourselves relying on them more as our children approach the tricky ages of pre-adolescence, puberty, and teen years! Headphones on, folding laundry, these are the five podcasters we find ourselves gravitating toward on a weekly basis. 


June McGrath brings her Master’s in Early Childhood Education, her experience as an educator and former nanny, and her first three years of solo-parenting her precious toddler to the table in her approachable, palatable podcast, Parent’ish. June is generous with her wealth of knowledge about topics like conflict resolution, child empowerment, and moving positively through the very relatable and often raw moments of parenting. Her podcasts are quick bites, but densely packed with actionable and scalable strategies every parent can apply.

The Science of Parenting

Broadcasting from Iowa State University’s Extension and Outreach Center, this show is a positive take on parenting, even in the tricky moments! Hosted and researched by a team of human science specialists, you’ll find yourself comforted by the easy-to-apply advice from a team of experts who understand that the perfect parent just doesn’t exist. Navigate tantrums — yours and theirs — and learn to focus on this moment. Wonderful or worrisome, it’ll pass before you know it! 

The Modern Mommy Doc

 Join host Whitney Casares, M.D., M.P.H., F.A.A.P as she invites world-class guests to discuss the world of parenting, addressing and adjusting expectation, and taking care of the woman taking care of your family. In this powerful podcast, Whitney gracefully navigates partner relationships post-baby, centering yourself to become a stronger, more fulfilled parent and person, and creating a happy, healthy home wherever you are. 

The Parenting Junkie

Host Avital takes on life with four littles, homeschooling, and making mental health a priority in her insightful and unflinching approach to parenting. Avital is very respectful of parents’ time, packing each episode with helpful tips and tools, and creating a timestamp outline of each episode to help you get the most out of your minutes together. Learn about effective communication, breaking toxic family patterns, and creating a peaceful, productive home with each podcast.

Your Parenting Mojo

Join host and mom Jen Lumanlan as she journeys through motherhood and earns her Masters of Psychology with a focus on Child Development. Jen isn’t afraid to take on any topic, from the sensitive to the profound, taking a respectful and researched-based approach to life, parenting, and the world we’re building for our families. Learn about boundary setting, take on tough talks in a mature way, and gain tools for communicating through anxiety-inducing parenting moments to get to the other side with your family in one peaceful piece.  From the warzone feeling of the first year of parenting to seeing them off to college, we are lucky to be parenting in a time where a village is only a click away! No parent is an island, and we love using our weekly blogs, newsletter, resources, and apps to feel a little more connected to other parents and educators working hard to create a positive, wonderful world for our families!