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September 15th, 2021

Five Homework Help Apps For Your Family

School is in session, and that means homework might be creeping its way across your family’s evenings. We all know the cliché of a frustrated parent yelling PEMDAS at a crying child, but this is the generation of patience and peaceful parenting. Even when the evening includes re-learning how to use a number line.

If your family could use a little homework help, check out these five apps that can take a little bit of the pain out of the Pythagorean Theorem!


If staying organized is your student’s holdup, MyHomework App has them covered! An easy-to-use interface allows students and parents to share a schedule, prioritize assignments, and get a heads up about upcoming tests and assignment due dates. Alerts can be synced to your laptop, smartphone, and even an Apple Watch, which means you couldn’t forget an upcoming deadline if you wanted to! If keeping a planner is becoming a bigger hassle than helper, MyHomework App might be the answer you’ve been looking for!


While many users think of it as a cheat-sheet, PhotoMath is stealth-learning in action! This app does more than provide an answer. It creates a new pathway to understanding the problem at hand. You aren’t being handed a solution, but a better understanding of how to achieve the solution. Simply snap a picture of the problem and submit for a step-by-step tutorial on how to find the answer. Be aware that older children will likely be able to game the system and use it for free and easy answers, but if you’re simply looking for a little help, this is the app to make math as easy as 1, 2, 3!


Perfect for brushing up on subjects, reinforcing skills, and preparing for tests, Quizlet is the study buddy your family has been looking for! Using a flashcard mode, learning mode, and writing mode to create multiple avenues for deeper understanding of the material, Quizlet covers any topic from language learning to coding. Practice makes perfect, and Quizlet makes practice a whole lot less painful!

Khan Academy

Learn along with helpful videos, practice sessions, and mastery quizzes to ace any subject! Khan Academy currently offers guidance to students in grades 2-12, with preschool through high school courses on the app. Khan is free to use, and has both parent and teacher-facing access to monitor your student’s progress. Khan is a great Home School supplement, study guide, or brush-up for parents who are struggling to remember that fifth grade math.

HW Pic

If your independent learner is looking for more individualized guidance, HW Pic is the tutor to take them to the next level. This app is free to use, but be aware that some of the homework functions are charged services. HW’s tutors are all college graduates with proven expertise in the field in which they offer their assistance.

Whether you’re hoping to help your child find their own learning rhythm, or are looking for a crash course in common core so you can be a better homework helper, these apps are sure to have your whole family on a road to better, less frustrated learning!

If you have a homework helper app that we should look into, let us know! Drop us a comment, or email us at Hello@WonderBunch.Com!