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November 10th, 2021

Fun Crafts for Your Fall

Each season comes with an aesthetic all its own, and we have to say that fall just might be our favorite of all! With bright colors, crisp leaves, and cooler temperatures making sure that outdoor play is no sweat, fall has really got it all!

This week, Wonder Bunch Media wanted to share some fun ideas for when your sweet little ones want to bring a little of the outside in. These crafts are as engaging as they are beautiful, and might just make the most out of some of those little trinkets your children have been collecting these last few months!

Fairy Garden

If your children are anything like ours, every shell, rock, and broken hair pin is kept in a jar or bowl on every flat surface of your home. This craft can bring a little greenery to your home while making use of every pebble your child just can’t live without!

Start by decorating a favorite bowl or inexpensive planter. Glue any gems, beads, or buttons your children have been holding on to to the outside of your planter. Using popsicle sticks or sturdy cardboard, construct and paint a small house for your fairy guests. You can also use any doll furniture you may have lying around, and if you don’t think you have any, check your couch cushions and the bottom of your Lego box. We know you have some!

Once your bowl and home are ready, fill your fairy garden with hardy succulents, then add colorful sand, glitter, or brightly colored stones around your plants. Add your fairy home and decorate with any other trinkets your little ones think their fairy friends may love.

This space can become your family’s new catch-all for small items your child can’t seem to part with. And if every now and then a broken gem or doll shoe your children have gifted their fairies goes missing, it only serves to prove that your fairy guests are enjoying their stay!

Leaf Wreath

Entice your children to take a long walk by tasking them with collecting only the brightest and most beautiful of fallen leaves. Bring them home and pin them carefully to a styrofoam ring, or use crafting tape to secure them to a carefully bent wire hanger ring.

Autumn Animals

Using those same meticulously chosen leaves, decorate drawings of porcupines, butterflies, and turkeys for fun autumn images that will leave a lasting memory!

Place Holders

Have your children write guests’ names on each leaf for upcoming dinners or holiday gatherings. Giving them such an important job can help them feel more included in the holidays, and maybe even a little more willing to help keep your home ready for guests!


Using those same leaves, give everyone in the family the opportunity to write down something they’re thankful for. Remembering how much we have put behind us in the last couple of years, any chance we get we are showing our thanks to our children for their adaptability, to our home for keeping us safe and warm, and to you for continuing to bring us along on your family’s journey!

Family Tree

On your family’s next walk, choose a few sturdy fallen branches to clean up and bring home. Hang family photos from string tied to these branches and mount on the wall. Nature makes the most beautiful family trees!

We would love to see your family’s fun fall crafts! Be sure to tag us on your social media @wonder_bunch_media so we can see your family’s works of heart!