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June 25th, 2021

Have a Ball at the College World Series

One of our favorite summer traditions we are excited to share with our children this year is the College World Series. A real slice of Americana, we are so excited to be able to attend in person again! As Omaha fills with eager spectators, we decided to take a dive into some of the history behind the College World Series, and whenever we have fun learning about something, the first thing we want to do is share it with you!

Home is Where the History is

We were surprised to learn that the College World Series didn’t start in Omaha, Nebraska. In fact, the first-ever CWS took place in 1947 in Kalamazoo, Michigan. In 1949 it moved to Wichita for a season before finding its home in Omaha in 1950. In the history of the CWS, the event has only been canceled once. It wasn’t the extreme weather the Midwest is known for that caused the closure, not a sudden lightning storm or even a tornado. Protocols are in place to counter anything the weather can throw at these seasoned pros. It was COVID-19 that made not only attending the event dangerous, but even attending practice among quarantined players proved too high a risk. It was decided to forgo the 2020 season until a vaccine existed to protect fans and players alike.

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And Speaking of Fans

In 2009, a new attendance record was set when 336,072 fans showed up to support their favorite teams. Any given year, you’ll find surprise celebrities sitting among the vast crowd to take in the event, from movie stars like Matt Damon and Andy Garcia, to musicians like Kenny Chesney, and possibly the College World Series’ most loyal fan, horror writer Stephen King. But you won’t find them swarmed with fans of their own at the game. For a hot, sweaty stretch in June, these stars become the fans.

Traditions Still Thriving

While new regulations have put a damper on a few of our favorite traditions, there are so many that are still going strong! Pre-game tailgating in the parking lot is still a go, and the foods cooking outside of the stadium give the creative concoctions the vendors are selling a run for their money. But it’s the music, the conversations, and the connection that we find are the most satisfying ingredients to a proper tailgate. Be sure to check out the Rules for Tailgating at TD Ameritrade before packing your cooler!

Grilling, From The Tablegrill, Grilled Meats, Kebab

Once inside the gates, you’ll find that there’s a lot more than the standard hot dogs and pretzels on the menu. Omaha has become just as famous as a foodie city as it is famous for hosting the CWS, and the inventive dishes being served up to stadium-goers is almost as much of an allure as the game itself.

We always loved summers at Rosenblatt Stadium, which were usually followed by an ice cream cone at Zesto’s and a trip to the Henry Doorly Zoo, Even though the event was moved to TD Ameritrade Park a few years ago, a trip to the zoo is still on our game day to-do list!

Have a Ball!

If you’re looking for more information about attending this year’s event, head to TD Ameritrade Park‘s website for answers, COVID-19 guidelines, and information about what’s allowed inside the park. There are plenty of socially distanced activities for kids, and the event is always wholesome fun for the whole family!