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October 25th, 2019

Improving Your Child’s Mood with Color

We recently came across an article about how color can affect a child’s mood.

Color choice is already very intentional in fields such as design, art, and fashion. When creating the Wonder Bunch world, we are very conscious of the colors we use and are intentional in choosing soft colors that evoke calm, soothing game play.

So why don’t we place the same emphasis on the colors we surround ourselves with in our own environments?

Psychologists believe that color is influential in how we feel, possibly because each color has a specific frequency that affects our energy or chakras differently. However, different people may interpret a shade of color differently. One person might feel happier and calmer wearing a green dress, for example, while another may only get that same feeling by wearing pink. Society and culture also make a difference.

Research shows some colors can cause improved energy, memory, and sleep while other colors can cause feelings of anxiety or adrenalin. Color can also be used on a mood board for children and adults alike to help us communicate how we are feeling.

Bottom line: color really can make a difference!