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October 1st, 2019

Inspired by Nature

Inspired by Nature

Did you know that the Wonder Bunch world was inspired by the wonder of nature? In fact, the first five games we are slated to release are Letter Meadow, Number Island, Pollination Station, Peaceful Forest and Weather Mountain!

There’s nothing better than being a child in nature, whether it’s making forts out of sticks in a wooded area, building sand castles on the beach, climbing trees, splashing in the water, or going to a park. Using nature as our playground means we get to expand our minds by exploring our imagination — all while getting some fresh air!

The benefits of playing in nature are plentiful. There are many studies that show how the outdoors contribute to a child’s development and well-being, including reducing stress and improving concentration, energy, and creativity.

This article by Business Insider outlines some of these benefits, which we’ll summarize below.

  1. Improved short-term memory
  2. Restored mental energy
  3. Stress relief
  4. Reduced inflammation
  5. Better vision
  6. Improved concentration
  7. Sharper thinking and creativity
  8. Possible anti-cancer effects
  9. Immune system boost
  10. Improved mental health
  11. Reduced risk of early death

So how do we appreciate nature in today’s technology-driven world? Living in the age of iPads doesn’t mean we have to shut our doors on the great outdoors, it just means we need to find balance and try to choose games and apps that benefit us in some way.

That’s why our games focus on active play in a world of nature. It’s like playing and learning outside, only on an app! We truly hope the Wonder Bunch world helps inspire a love for nature in your children!