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October 21st, 2020

Ten Ways to Safely Celebrate the Spooky Season

Wonder Bunch Halloween with Masks

Wonder Bunch is ready to celebrate Quarantine-O-Ween with you!

Halloween isn’t just one day, it’s a whole season of silly, spooky, sweet fun for the whole family! Things may be looking a little different this year, but we think we all deserve a celebration.

Today we wanted to share with you ten tips to make your Quarantine-O-ween happy and healthy!

Know Your Risk

By now we know that we are all safer at home, but we also know that some cities will be able to explore socially-distanced trick or treating options. To know your city’s current stats, visit for a risk indicator map. You can hover over your county to see what the recommended social distance protocol is for your area! As always, your judgment will be what’s best, but we love having an arsenal of information to help us make our decisions.

Start Now!

For the rest of October, use fun, festive face masks for all of your out-of-the-home tasks! From goofy ghost fabric to DIY costume face coverings, being safe and silly is a snap. You can find fun fabrics at any craft store, upcycle outgrown outfits, or check out these ideas we found on Good Housekeeping!

Together at Home

Make virtual dates to carve pumpkins, read stories, and have a Halloween fashion show with family and friends. Be sure to download our Wonder Bunch Virtual Backgrounds here!

Trick or Treat Scavenger Hunt

Bring the fun of an Easter Egg Hunt into fall with a Halloween treat find! Hide stickers, reusable straws, temporary tattoos, bubbles, stencils, spooky books, and candy throughout the house. Dress your kids up in their Trick or Treat finest and let the scavenger hunt begin!

We have been wildly inspired by parents tapping into their inner Bob the Builder to customize candy delivery systems to respect social distancing. From candy chutes to candy catapults, where there is a will, there is always a way. Check out this excellent Lifehacker article with step by step instructions for making your own spooky candy chute!

Spooky Story Round Robin

Have your children heard all of the Halloween stories you had up your sleeve already? Then maybe it’s time to custom-build one! Begin ad-libbing an age-appropriate tale, and after a two-minute timer sounds, another member of your family takes over. You never know where these funny, silly, haunted, or hilarious stories might twist and turn, but the result is always a one-of-a-kind story that only your family could tell!

Cook up Some Fun

Easter has ham, Thanksgiving has turkey, so why should Halloween get left out of the traditional feast fun? Cook up a spooky supper for your family with ideas from Delish. They have you covered from a set-it and forget it stew to the Pinterest-worthy plates that will have your kids screaming for more!

Neighborhood Parade

Let your little ones see and be seen by organizing a neighborhood costume parade! Use the NextDoor App or your neighborhood’s Facebook page to encourage other families in the area to join in! Your children will love dressing up and marching through the neighborhood, bringing a bit of joy and fun to those who can only watch from a window this year. Older neighbors will truly miss seeing your sweethearts at their door this year, but seeing a string of silly costumed cuties parading through the neighborhood will brighten up anyone’s night!

Get Classy!

Outschool is offering a number of Halloween-themed education adventures this season! Choose from youngster-approved classes, like the Super Spooky Pokémon Mystery, to the more mature Special Effects Makeup Course for older kids. Learn phonics from Room on the Broom’s friendly witch, or take a Halloween art class! Choose your own Outschool adventure.

Halloween Movie Marathon

When we get right down to it, Halloween isn’t about the pumpkins, or even the candy. It’s a chance for your children to escape a little bit, and to be showered with your attention. They are needing it now more than ever, and a movie and snuggle fest might be just what the Pumpkin King ordered! So queue up your favorite flicks, costume up, and cuddle down. All they want for Halloween is you!

We would love to hear your Halloween Tricks and Treats! If you have tips for other Wonder Bunch families, drop us a comment, or Contact Us directly!